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Nicole is a stay at home mom, who has worked for several multinationals in management positions, traveling and living across 3 continents. Born in Seoul, Korea, she immigrated to the USA when she was 6, where she grew up a Virginian and got a degree at Cornell University. After a few years working in NYC, she moved to Asia for work and didn’t return till July 2020, with an Italian husband and 2 children. She is now a proud Californian.

Although she doesn’t have direct family members with BCM, she has very close friends with BCM and witnessed the challenges put forth by this disease. As a perennial expat, friends are as close as family. Initially assisting with some occasional translation work for her friend Renata, it eventually blossomed to a very real interest and commitment to finding a cure.

Nicole’s goal is to create awareness of BCM first among the ophthalmic and retina specialist communities in California, and then to create a BCM community here in CA where those with the condition and their families can find support.