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Magnifiers & Magnifying Aids for Low Vision

  1. Name: Eschenbach
    Contacts: http://www.eschenbach.com

  2. Name: VFO Group – a merging of some of the previously recognizable companies like Optelec and Freedom Scientific
    Contacts: http://www.vfogroup.com, info@vfo-group.com

  3. Name: Zoomax
    Contacts: https://www.zoomax.com

  4. Name: Enhanced Vision
    Contacts: https://www.enhancedvision.com

  5. Name: Carson
    Contact: https://www.carson.com/product-categories/monoculars/

  6. Name: MagniLink S premium 2
    Contact: Magnilink viewer

  7. Name: eSight

  8. Name: AdaptiVision, Inc. – New England (Northeast US)
    Contacts: https://lowvisionsource.com/