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60 Seconds with Nacer Boussahoul

Name: Nacer

Age: 31

Where do you live?
Bordeaux – FRANCE

How many relatives do you have with BCM?
My 3 brothers.

What is your job/would you like your job to be?
I am an Electronics Engineer.

What are your hobbies? 
I love hiking, being lost in wild spaces. I really enjoy martial arts practice and recently discovered a passion for playing piano.

What is your most useful BCM tip? 
One obvious one, but so essential – use your phone camera to replace the things your eyes cannot see; Unable to see which sandwiches are available in the storefront of the bakery? Take a picture and zoom in! Can’t recognize the color of a garment? There is an app to tell you. Small characters on a paper letter? Use your phone as a magnifier! Today, we have the great chance to all have a powerful technological instrument in our pocket that can be so helpful.

What would you tell younger BCM boys/your younger self?
If only I could have realised this earlier, I would love that every young BCM affected person stops being afraid, ashamed, and angry because they are different. Sometime, people will mock you, sometimes every day little things will be a harder with your eyes than for the others, but these are just challenges which will make you stronger. Do not see BCM as a weakness, but instead as a strength, doing harder things everyday will allow you to do amazing things you thought impossible later. You have a superpower inside you, but you just don’t see it yet.

Greatest achievement/proudest moment so far..  
Just proud of being where I am today when looking where I come from. Proud of having finished my studies and doing a job I am passioned about, despite the fact I have been told when I was younger that it would be impossible with BCM.

Not many people know this about me but.. 

I still don’t know how to swim! And at 11 years old I ran away from home and police had to look for me because I was waiting Hagrid to take me to Hogwarts.