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Ferran Tort

Hiiiii everyone!!!

First of all I want to say its a pleasure being part of this contest!! I’m Ferran Tort, Psychologist and visual artist from Barcelona. I’ve had many visual problems since I was 14, but I could not find any doctor who knew what was wrong with my eyes.

At the age of 26 I was diagnosed with Macula dystrophy and total Color Blindness. I thought that was the end of my art career, but instead of falling down I found creative strategies to keep doing what I love, that is painting with children all around the world. I am the founder of a nonprofit organization I

I’ve been working in India, Colombia, the Favelas of Brazil, in Pingelap and many more. One of the strategies I use to paint in color, is reading the names on the side of the paint pot. As I see really little I decided to start painting BIG so I could see my paintings, and that’s one of the reasons why I am doing Streetart around the world to inspire kids and adults, that we can overcome our biggest limitations and create our future!!!

I can’t wait to see your amazing paintings, and remember, the artist is the one that looks where everyone looks but see something different.

Ferran Tort