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60 Seconds with Jameson Cavitt

Name: Jameson Cavitt

Age: 8 years old

Where do you live?
Sugar Land, Texas USA

How many relatives do you have with BCM?
2 brothers, 1 grandpa and 3 cousins all have BCM.

What is your dream job?
When I am grown up I would like to study animals and help them to survive if they are hurt.

What is your hobbies?
Playing with my pet Bird Zoë, swimming and drawing are some of my favorite hobbies. Also baking with my mom is fun! I have two dogs, a frog, a snail, fish, shrimp, and a bird.

What is your most useful BCM tip?
Not being afraid to ask for help from friends ♥️

Greatest achievement/proudest moment so far…
I am most proud of being able to make Level 5 in gymnastics.

Not many people know this about me but…
I am an excellent artist and I love to design and name roller coasters!