Ned Reade

I grew up in a family where multiple family members were impacted with BCM. An older brother, several uncles, many cousins, and unknown numbers of carriers, but not all understanding what the eye problem we all had was all about.
I was fortunate to have a mother and very accommodating school principal and teachers that worked with my brother and myself to assure we received as much assistance as was really available in the 60’s. I graduated from high school and went on to earn a BS in Business Administration. I held several retail store management positions in the years following and my wife and I moved several times in our first years of marriage before settling down with our 2 children in Erie, Pa.
I took a position in computer sales at a retail computer store in the early 80’s which shortly afterward became an outside sales position as the market demands changed. As an outside sales rep I depended on public transportation for all my client appointments and became efficient at maneuvering my way through and around our city on local busses. Learning schedules, transfers, and time estimates was essential to being successful in keeping up with the demands of this position along with the rapidly changing technology landscape through this period.
As the market changed through the 90’s, I started a technology consulting firm along with a business partner. We developed clients in the region and grew the business over the next 20 years to include offices in 3 cities, 30 employees, and gross sales far exceeding our expectations. A few years ago I sold my share in the business and retired.
I enjoy many hobbies and outdoor activities including cross country skiing, golf, cycling, kayaking, and hiking. I serve on the Board of Directors for The Sight Center of Northwestern Pennsylvania where I serve to help others deal with vision loss and blindness. My daughter and grand daughter are both BCM carriers so my interest in ongoing research and development extends to the generations to come.