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Flyers:February 28th 2023 marks the sixteenth Rare Disease Day
Download our Rare Disease Day’s Flyers here: 

First Action:
Flyer RDD 2023 

Second Action:

BCMFF RRD 2023 Press Release  

BCMFF Brochures:



Our event during 2023 Rare Disease Day will focus on spreading awareness about our condition.

This year we organize 2 actions:

 1) First Action:

We all know that, because of the fact that BCM is a rare genetic disease, most clinicians do not know enough about it, which leads to a long time between detecting symptoms and determining a correct diagnosis.
Although we are rare, we still have the power to help change all of this. That is why, on the 28th of February, we invite you all to contact 5 local ophthalmologists in your area and mail or email them the flyers you can find on the left. With more than 200 families involved in BCMFF, we can reach in 1 day 1,000 doctors worldwide!

A) Download the Flyer RDD 2023 and the Brochure here on the left;

B) Select 5 local ophthalmologists;

C) Before February 28th, send the flyers via e-mail or via mail to chosen Hospitals/Ophthalmologists.

Not sure how to contact or where to find information on local ophthalmologists?
Check the AAO and AOA pages here: https://secure.aao.org/aao/find-ophthalmologist?zip=20028https://www.aoa.org/healthy-eyes/find-a-doctor?sso=y

2) Second Action:

Print and send the BCMFF RRD 2023 Press Release to local Newspapers, Radios and Televisions with your personal request asking this to please be used, because it truly matters for my family.
Spread information about Blue Cone Monochromacy in your area!

Here you have the Press Release: BCMFF RRD 2023 Press Release

Get involved in 2023 Rare Disease Day!