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60 Seconds with Virgil Wade

Name: Virgil E Wade

Age: 83

Where do you live?
Lakewood, OH

How many relatives do you have with BCM?
5 living

What is your job?
I was a Machinist. I would have liked to have been a Cowboy and Rancher all my life

What are your hobbies?
Playing the guitar, writing music and songs, and horses

What is your most useful BCM tip?
Always carry sunglasses with you

Greatest achievement/proudest moment so far:
Marrying my wife, the mother of my 3 daughters and making a life for them.

Not many people know this about me but…
I was a horse trainer for Adele Ohl Van Parker who was the most famous horsewoman in the world at Parker Ranch in North Olmsted, OH. She cared for horses of famous stars like: Gene Autry and performed with Wild Bill Hickok. She trained horses to jump off diving boards. I cared for her favorite horse, Traveler.