60 Seconds with Robert Finch

Name: Robert Finch

Age: 69

Where do you live? Hadleigh, Suffolk, England

How many relatives do you have with BCM? Four

What is your job/would you like your job to be? 
I am retired from paid employment but

  • I gained a BSc. In Mechanical Engineering (without seeing the board once).
  • Worked 15 years for a major UK Telecoms manufacturer as a Project Manager and later divisional management.
  • With my brother (also BCM) started a construction equipment parts company and developed it into a £6M company winning three Queens Awards along the way.
  • I now have a property company.

My early dream job was a long-haul airline  pilot

What are your hobbies? Computing, Electronics & practical work in the workshop

What is your most useful BCM tip? Ignore it

What would you tell younger BCM boys/your younger self? Ignore your disability as far as possible, you are not special and need to make your own way in the world. You will meet prejudice, discrimination and even hostility, get used to it, you will also meet kindness in abundance. On a more practical level think ahead, plan a bit more than other for example, choose a home and workplace where you don’t need to drive and can compete and socialise with less disadvantage.

Greatest achievement/proudest moment so far… 
Competing with others in a tough commercial business and winning the Queen’s award for Enterprise and attending a reception in Buckingham Palace.

Not many people know this about me but…
Best left unanswered.