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Ophtalmologists & expert centers in the United Kingdom

Many people report that it took many years to achieve a clinical diagnosis of BCM. This is due to the fact that the BCM is a rare disease and you need to consult ophthalmologists specializing in inherited retinal diseases.

Here are some ophthalmologists who have visited other patients with BCM or have worked in scientific research on BCM and/or on similar diseases.

In particular, some eye doctors are carrying out research funded by our foundation and have been chosen for their expertise and for their interest in regard to the BCM.

Ophthalmologists and clinical centers expert in BCM

Dr. Michel Michaelides

Moorfields Eye Hospital – NHS Foundation Trust

162 City Rd, London EC1V 2PD, UK

Expert low vision centers and optometrists

Dr. Arnold Wilkins

Referred by our member Robert Finch. If you want to be in contact with him, please send an email to  

Expert in visual perception and color vision

Emeritus Professor

Department of Psychology – University os Essex

3.713 Colchester Campus, Colchester, UK

Optima the low-vision experts

Dartside Ford Road, Totnes Devon TQ9 5LQ, UK