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Contact Us

Please email us. We would like to hear your story and experiences. Your questions and your advice are welcomed.

Here are our contacts:

BCM Families Foundation
PO Box 7711 Jupiter, FL 33468-7711 USA

Join Us

In our forum BCM Families and in our Facebook group BCM, you can talk with other people who are affected by the BCM or who have relatives with the disease. It is possible to speak of the problems of diagnosis, daily life, driving licenses, the hope of a cure and our active support for scientific research.

Join our Forum and Join our Facebook group

Help Us

All volunteers who want to actively participate in the fundraising activities are welcome! BCM Families Foundation exists only thanks to the work of volunteers like you who believe that you can do something positive.
If you want to become a volunteer contact immediately

If you want to organize an event in order to collect funds or to advocate for Blue Cone Monochromacy, please contact the BCM Families Foundation’s Ambassadors Committee sending an email to

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