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The document, which title is ‘BEST PRACTICES FOR SCHOOL INTEGRATION OF STUDENTS WITH BLUE CONE MONOCHROMACY (BCM) ‘, contains notes and advice collected during many years of firsthand experience by men who have BCM and by families with children who have BCM, most of whom live in USA and in Europe. It has been written for teachers of Primary and Secondary/Elementary, Middle and High Schools. We hope this document will help students with BCM by giving their teachers useful information about the visual impairments caused by BCM, plus by recommending proven strategies to better integrate the BCM student.
Thanks to all the people contributing to editing this document: Kay McCrary Ed.D., Renata Sarno, Ph.D., Trudi Dawson, Valentina della Volpe Ph.D, and to all the families who sent us advice and comments. We thank Dr. Laura Windsor of ‘Low Vision Center of Indiana’, USA, because her Teacher’s Guide for Achromatopsia inspired us to write this guide for BCM.

A PDF copy of the document can be downloaded here: