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Our Ambassadors represent BCMFF and advocate for our cause across a multitude of platforms.

They participate in public events, interviews and conferences. And also, importantly, connect and meet with potential donors. All with the purpose of advocating for a cure for BCM and spreading knowledge and awareness of the disease.

Our Ambassadors help to drive the future of BCMFF and facilitate the support of public or private fundraising activities (such as sporting competitions, charity dinners, auctions and international conferences).

If you want to organize a fundraising or advocacy event in your area or if you want to become a BCMFF Ambassador, please contact our Chairman: and download our Toolkit.

Trudi Dawson

President of the BCMFF Ambassadors’ Board

Trudi Dawson lives in East Sussex in United Kingdom and has 3 children, only one of whom has BCM.
Before moving from London Trudi worked in Advertising and Marketing Communications for 15 years.

In 2006, Trudi also became a Birth and Post­natal Doula, supporting families before, during and after childbirth. She is now also an Antenatal Teacher, Infant Feeding Specialist, Sleep Coach and Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga Teacher.

She is an active sportswoman as well as being a keen horse-­rider. Trudi has a particular passion for bringing the global BCM family together to support each other and help each family member reach his potential.

Mark Young

Mark is retired and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He and his grandson have BCM, as well as several of his uncles and cousins. BCM has had a major impact on his family so a cure would be a life-changing event for many in his family. Mark and his wife Diane especially want to be helpful in finding a treatment or cure for their 4-year-old grandson Zachary.

Mark graduated from the University of Georgia in 1979 with a major in Accounting and became a C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountant). After 10 years in public accounting with Deloitte, Haskins, & Sells, Mark worked in senior finance positions as Controller, Treasurer, or Chief Financial Officer for five large public companies. After 10 years as Treasurer of Equifax, Mark retired in 2016.

Mark’s primary goal is to raise awareness and funding for a BCM cure or treatment so that the lives and futures of young men and boys with BCM will be significantly changed for the better.

Nicole Kim

Nicole is a stay at home mom, who has worked for several multinationals in management positions, traveling and living across 3 continents. Born in Seoul, Korea, she immigrated to the USA when she was 6, where she grew up a Virginian and got a degree at Cornell University. After a few years working in NYC, she moved to Asia for work and didn’t return till July 2020, with an Italian husband and 2 children. She is now a proud Californian.

Although she doesn’t have direct family members with BCM, she has very close friends with BCM and witnessed the challenges put forth by this disease. As a perennial expat, friends are as close as family. Initially assisting with some occasional translation work for her friend Renata, it eventually blossomed to a very real interest and commitment to finding a cure.

Nicole’s goal is to create awareness of BCM first among the ophthalmic and retina specialist communities in California, and then to create a BCM community here in CA where those with the condition and their families can find support.

Angela M. Tucker

Angela has 2 sons, only her youngest, Elijah, has BCM.
As for her extended family, her nephew DC, 2 cousins, 2 uncles and 2 great-uncles have BCM.

Angela was born and raised in Eastern, KY. She moved to Louisville to peruse her first bachelors degree, then moved to Northern KY for her second bachelors degree and Masters degree.

Angela lives in Spartanburg, SC and works at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, OH as a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist).
Angela’s goals are to be supportive of the greater Cincinnati BCM families, reach out to possible Upstate South Carolina BCM families, raise funds for the BCMFF Registry and ultimately the cure for BCM.

Johan Caspar Wohlfahrt, PhD, DDS, MS

Caspar Wohlfahrt lives with his wife Victoria who is a medical doctor in Oslo Norway.

They have 2 boys, Oscar 21 and Edvard 19 with BCM and Caroline 13 years old. Oscar, born in Norway was diagnosed in 2001 at University of Minnesota, Departement of Opthalmology since the family lived in Minnesota for 3 years between 2001 and 2004. Edvard was born in Minnesosota in 2003 and also he was diagnosed at University of Minnesota.

Both Oscar and Edvard have been active race rowers at national and international level. Caspar is eager to contribute to the BCM foundation as an ambassador for Norway and Scandinavia.

Julius Bolay

Julius lives in Stuttgart, Germany and is 27 years old. He is affected by BCM and is currently the only case in his immediate family. His grandfather had BCM and his mother is a carrier.

Julius is a railroad engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) at Deutsche Bahn and works on major infrastructure projects. He studied at the Technical University of Dresden.

He was diagnosed with BCM in 1998 at the age of two. At the nearest eye clinic in Tübingen, where BCM was being researched at the time, Julius’ family was the 12th family to be registered with the disease. While virtually no research was being carried out in the field of rare retinal diseases in Germany, the BCM Families Foundation was founded in Delaware, USA. This finally created an internationally operating platform with the aim of curing BCM. Julius has been an ambassador for the BCM Families Foundation in German-speaking countries since 2023.

Julius’ vision is to raise social awareness of the disease, to encourage affected people to pursue their professional and private goals despite illness and disability and to promote a cure for BCM. The aim is that future generations can be cured of BCM as early as childhood and perhaps it will also be possible to cure young people and adults at some point.

Marylee Dilling Mohn

MD, Director & Ambassador BCM Families Foundation

Marylee’s son, father, and two cousins have BCM. Like most affected families, the correct diagnosis wasn’t made until 2017 when her son was diagnosed by genetic testing.

She is an alumnus of UNC-Chapel Hill and Jefferson Medical College and completed residency at Baylor College of Medicine. Marylee is a double board certified internist and pediatrician and owns a direct primary care practice in New York City, where she lives with her husband and son.

Marylee strives to build awareness of BCM amongst medical professionals and to help advance a safe and effective cure for BCM.

Ned Reade

Director BCM Families Foundation

I grew up in a family where multiple family members over many generations are impacted with BCM. My wife and I now live in Erie, Pa where we raised our family of 2 children.

I held career positions through the 80’s and 90’s before starting my own networking consulting company in the late 90’s. I retired a few years ago and enjoy many hobbies and activities including cross country skiing, golf, cycling, kayaking, and hiking. I serve on the Board of Directors for The Sight Center of Northwestern Pennsylvania that deals with vision loss and blindness.