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Clinical Management of Blue Cone Monochromacy

There is currently no specific therapy for BCM. Treatment is symptomatic, and involves the patient periodically undergoing ophthalmological examinations.

Magenta or brown filter lenses or contact lenses can be used to reduce photophobia and boost sensitivity to colour contrasts. Specifically, magenta filters allow both red and blue light to pass through the coloured lens and reach the retina, while they filter the light of other colours. The red light minimizes photosensitivity, while the blue light activates the blue cones. Magenta filters can be used in contact lenses or glasses. Consider a visit with an optometrist expert in achromatopsia and low vision.

For reading, powerful magnifying lenses can be used, and all tablet devices (iPads, Kindles) make it possible to vary the lighting of text. In some countries, electronic versions of school books are available that can be read on an iPad.

If filtered lenses can control glare and photosensitivity, BCM patients with less severe vision impairment can obtain a driving license. Many of them are able to drive using the bioptic telescope in USA and in The Netherlands (Europe). Consider a visit in a low vision center with low vision and bioptic driver rehabilitation specialists.