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BCM Families Foundation supports scientific research toward gene therapy. You can make an importance difference by sending your donation today.

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BCM Families Foundation maintains a forum dedicated to discussions about Blue Cone Monochromacy. Meet other families with Blue Cone Monochromacy and share your problems and solutions. Please join also our facebook closed group named ‘BCM’.

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The BCM Patient Registry project is supported by funds of Otto per Mille della Chiesa Valdese:

We are happy to celebrate with you 5 years of BCM Families Foundation!
We also want to remind you that today, 20th of May, is International Blue Cone Monochromacy Awareness Day.
We are rare but together we are strong! And together we can reach a #cure4BCM!

This Thursday is Rare Disease Day! Share our posts and be part of finding a cure for BCM. Take a minute to spread awareness today! #BCMFamilyFoundation #Cure4BCM #GiveToday
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