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Erik Geslin

Dear children,

I am Erik, and I am pleased to be a member of the jury for your Arts creations, I’m living in Europe, close to Paris.

Like you children, I inherited from my grandfather Color blind / BCM which only allows me to perceive the blue hues. For many years I tried to hide my peculiarity, because I was afraid of mockery. And against all expectations I chose to work in creative trades, I draw, I paint, I made video games in pixel art and worked as research coordinator for Ubisoft on games like Assassin’s Creed. I believe that more than many of those who see all the colors, I have made my BCM a strength, which gives me a great sensitivity to contrasts, to the quality of the lighting and to environments details.

I expect you today to show the world how much what seems to be a handicap for many can be a strength for you, even in the creative and artistic fields where you are not expected! Forward children! I can’t wait to see your creations …

Kinds regards,