Prepare documents 1), 2), 3) and, if necessary, 4)

1) For minors age 7 and older, print and sign BCM Registry Assent Form. Assent is available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian language. Please ask to the Registry Manager at Registry.Manager@BCMFamilies.org for Assent in French, Spanish, German and Italian language.

2) Prepare an e-copy of your/your son’s DNA test report.

3) Prepare a document with your family data: total number of people affected by BCM in your family – dead and alive -, and number of alive people affected by BCM in your family . If you have a family pedigree – Pedigree-Explanation – prepare an e-copy of it. Prepare a narrative description of who in your family is affected: grandfather, father, son(s), brother(s), uncle(s), cousin(s), for as far back as you can be sure of this information. The Registry Manager can help you preparing your family Pedigree, write her Registry.Manager@BCMFamilies.org

4) If your doctor is in this list:

Tomas Aleman
David Birch
Pierre Bitoun
Joseph Carroll
Jacque Duncan
Amy Hutchinson
Alessandro Iannaccone
Cristina Irigoyen Laborra
Cristiana Marchese
Elisabetta Martina
Marc Mathias
Michel Michaelides
Katarina Stingl
Lucia Ziccardi

then select him/her inside the registry.

Otherwise, if your clinician is not in the previous list, please contact the Registry Manager at Registry.Manager@BCMFamilies.org. It could be important to prepare an e-copy of your/your son’s clinical report with diagnosis of BCM and your/your son’s last ophthalmological visit report.