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60 Seconds with George Donaldson

Name: George Donaldson

Age: 52

Where do you live?
Plymouth, Michigan


How many relatives do you have with BCM?
One older brother and one cousin.

What is your job?
I am an assistant warehouse manager for a large Japanese automotive supplier for the last 17 years. I have faced many issues having low vision due to BCM in the performance of my job. I do what I have to do to be able to do things like read reports, use my computer, etc. I use available technology such as enlarging reports on our copier, I have a 27” computer screen, and APPS on my phone to help with reading and colors. I am open and honest about my challenges and although I do not ask for special treatment, I do tell people if I am having an issue such as if someone hands me a report with small font, I tell them I will have to enlarge to read.

What are your hobbies? 
I play guitar and love to read.

What is your most useful BCM tip?
I grew up at a time when there was not much information about BCM, so I would suggest educating yourself about BCM. On a personal note, I would encourage parents to test the limits of what their children can do – be protective, but not over-protective. You will be shocked at how functional your child can be if you let them explore their interests. There will be failures – I tried to play baseball as a boy, and it was a horrible experience. I was teased, and could not see the ball in play, but as a man, I can say I tried and it made me a more well-rounded, stronger person. BCM has taught me to be a more understanding, and more giving man. I have been told by others, and realized as I grew older, that BCM in a way was a gift, in that I see things with more than just my eyes, I see with my soul, I have been told.

What would you suggest to young boys with BCM?
Realize you are not alone, and that although you are different, you can use the daily challenges you face having BCM to be a better person. You will experience things, good and bad, on your journey with BCM – if you use your mind, and realize in life, that it is mind over matter, you can be successful in your pursuits, and live an almost completely normal life. My biggest suggestion, never ever feel sorry for yourself.

Greatest achievement/proudest moment so far…
Being able to work, go to college, and be a successful adult, looking at everyday things like how will I get to work as a challenge to be completed, and never using BCM as an excuse to not try something.

Not many people know this about me but…
For the last five years I have volunteered with a grief support program for families with children who have lost someone. Giving back and serving others has changed my life.